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January 2024 - How to stop Leash Pulling

Dog Training Tip - Leash Pulling - What to do?!

This is a reprint from the January 2024 newsletter.

Leash Pulling

Does your dog like to pull you down the street when you are walking him? Do you often wonder who is walking who? Do you come home with a sore arm? You are not alone, this is a struggle many have when learning how to walk their dog.


   I'll start with the DON'TS:


  • DON'T yank on, or "pop", the leash

  • DON'T use a prong collar

  • DON'T use a choke collar

  • DON'T use a shock collar (aka e-collar)

  • DON'T correct your dog in any way

There is no need to correct your dog. After all, he won't learn much or anything from that. In fact, correcting your dog and using aversive tools will only damage your bond with your dog and can cause other behavior problems to develop.


Try this instead:


When he pulls, just stop walking and stand there silently. Yes, you heard that right, simply stop walking.


Your dog will eventually realize that pulling gets him nowhere and he will eventually look at you. When he looks at you say "Yes" "Good Boy" and turn around and start walking in the opposite direction and say "Heel". He will follow you and when he gets to the Heel position, say "Good Boy" and give him a treat reward. You can even hold the treat reward (or even his favorite toy such as a ball if he is toy motivated) at the heel position for a while so he learns that walking next to you in that spot makes good things happen.


Keep practicing this and eventually you and your dog will learn how to walk together without either one of you pulling. 


Want to learn more about training your dog?

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Note and disclaimer: All information in the blog posts on this site is my opinion based on my own experience rehabilitating an aggressive dog. I am not a professional behaviorist or otherwise involved in the Veterinary profession. If you are dealing with an aggressive dog, I recommend you seek the advice of a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist.

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