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Do you need information on how to modify your dog's behavior? 
Or maybe you just want to learn about dog behavior or need some basic information on how to train your dog. 
Here are some options that just might help!

(Stay tuned as more guides are developed!)

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Dog Behavior Help

The information in these guides will help you to better understand your dog's behavior and how he learns.

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FREE Dog Training Help & Information

Here is a wealth of FREE information on dog training, behavior, and how dogs learn.  Understanding how dogs learn, and following this information from the start will help to ensure behavior issues don't develop in the first place!

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Behavior Modification Exercises

The information in these guides will give you guidance by detailing how I did Buddy's behavior modification/rehab exercises.  

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Guidance Session

Sometimes you just need some one-on-one guidance and support.  You can schedule a phone conversation if you feel you need some extra guidance, or just need to talk to someone who has been through rehabilitating an aggressive dog.

Old Fashioned Telephone


Check our Seminars page often as we continue to add new Seminars during the year on various topics.  All Seminars are taught by highly qualified canine behavior professionals!

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