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About Buddy's Dream

Photo of Dog

Who is Buddy?

Buddy is a dog with a very unfortunate past.  As a result, he came to me fearful of all things and would bite when he got too scared - which was very often since he was afraid of everything.  He is like this because the people in his past taught him that biting was his only option to protect himself, and the methods they used did not teach him to be confident and comfortable with the world.  These people did not intend to teach him to bite, they just did not know how to handle a fearful dog (most people don't).  They also did not understand the importance of going to a Veterinary Behaviorist for help.  As a result, they ended up using methods that taught Buddy to be afraid and to bite without giving any warning signs when he is afraid.  Much of the damage done to Buddy could have been avoided if a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist had been consulted for guidance.  Click HERE to go to Buddy's Blog to read his full story.

Purpose of Buddy's Dream LLC

Rehabilitating a dog in the condition Buddy came to me in is extremely expensive.  Click HERE for more information on why.

Buddy’s Dream LLC was created in order to raise money to pay for Buddy’s rehabilitation costs.  I started by selling Pussy Willows and then added sewn items.  I sell these items locally at various events (see our Events page for details).  All money raised goes toward Buddy’s expenses. 

I decided to create this website as a way of bringing awareness to the issue of dog aggression; why do dogs become aggressive, how to prevent it in the first place, and what to do (and what NOT to do) if you find yourself with an aggressive dog.  It is my hope that sharing Buddy’s story will help prevent other dogs (and people) from having to endure the same experience.

We have recently added Seminars on Dog Behavior to our offerings!  Be sure to sign up!

About Our Founder

picture of our founder

Jill Shuey is the founder of Buddy's Dream, and she is Buddy's full-time rehabilitator.  Jill began studying canine behavior 23 years ago after one of her dogs, Johnny, was attacked and bitten by a loose neighborhood dog, resulting in him developing fearful behavior toward other dogs.  She worked with a professional canine behaviorist who taught her how to work with Johnny to help him trust other dogs again and this work was 100% successful!  Johnny went on to live a long and happy life, but sadly as all dogs do, passed away of natural causes in 2013 at the age of 13.5 years old. 


Canine behavior fascinated Jill, so for 23 years, she has continued to study canine behavior by reading books written by world renowned Veterinary Behaviorists such as Dr. Ian Dunbar and Dr. Sophia Yin, as well as many others who are leaders in the area of canine behavior.  She has attended countless seminars taught by these experts, yearly canine behavior summits, actively seeks out continuing education materials to keep her knowledge sharp and up to date, and has rehabilitated many dogs.  She also attended the school of  "Johnny, Ginger, and Grace",  her beloved "angel dogs", who reminded her every day to pay attention to the subtle and gentle methods dogs use to communicate, which we can easily miss.  Buddy, her most challenging case yet, has taught her a great deal in the 3 years she has been living with and rehabilitating him.  He challenges her to learn more every single day!  Working with a dog of this severity level (a severity level very few people have experience with) has dramatically elevated her knowledge and skill level in this very difficult area of rehabilitation. 


Jill's rehabilitation efforts have always been successful, and since she has never charged people to help rehabilitate their dogs, she calls her rehab efforts a "hobby" (to say you do something professionally means you charge money to do it).​


You will never hear Jill call herself an "expert" because what she has learned in life is that there is always more to learn and as soon as someone decides they are an expert, that is when they close their minds to learning and become ineffective, complacent, and even dangerous.  

Jill is pictured above in a photo taken in 2006 with two of her beloved "angel dogs", Johnny and Ginger.

Please note:  Buddy's Dream LLC has chosen the ".org" extension for our website, and we want to explain.  We did this for two reasons.  First, the ".com" extension was already taken.  Second, one of the main goals of Buddy's Dream is to bring an awareness to, and educate about, the issue of fear aggressive dogs.  The ".org" extension fits this goal.  Regarding the fact that often ".org" extensions are used for non-profits, we would like to be transparent in that Buddy's Dream LLC was not set up as a non-profit, it was set up as a for profit so we did not have to limit our methods of raising money.  However, having said that, Buddy's expenses far exceed the amount of money we have raised so far, and will continue to do so for a long time.  If we were to sell all our current inventory, the money raised will, of course, all go to Buddy's expenses, but we still would not have raised enough money to break even with Buddy's expenses, which keep rising.  So we have a very long way to go until we will be able to be "profitable", and at the rate we are going, will probably never get to that point.

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