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Buddy's Dream has proudly partnered with the Dunbar Academy to bring you a wealth of FREE dog training advice and information.  Please click on the links below which will bring you directly to Dr Dunbar's Website and all the valuable information that awaits you there!

Dr Dunbar and these courses (along with his seminars, summits, and other veterinary behaviorists), is how I learned about canine behavior, so I recommend his website and courses to you with complete confidence.  Buddy and I are members of Dr Dunbar's "Top Dog Academy" and we refer to his courses often as we train. 

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Click on the image above for a FREE
One Month Trial to Dr. Dunbar's
TOP DOG Academy!

(Simply cancel your subscription after the free 30 day free trial period, or if you find the Top Dog Academy beneficial, you can continue your subscription for the low monthly cost of  $20/month. You may easily cancel your subscription at any time you decide you no longer want it.)
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Click on the image above for access to the Dunbar Academy FREE Course Collection!
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Click this image to see everything the Dunbar Academy has to offer for both the Free and Paid courses.    

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