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Guidance Sessions

Need more information or guidance for the specific behavior issues you are trying to solve? 

Book a phone session.

(Only available for US customers)

"I was given a Buddy's Dream business card by my friend. We have a new rescue puppy who is fearful of EVERYTHING, so much so that it is paralyzing to her at times. The first phone call I had with "Buddy's mom" was the help I was looking for. She talked with me over an hour. The follow up phone calls I have had with her and the e-mails back and forth, I consider her my friend! She then placed me in contact with a canine behaviorist trainer in Indianapolis. Slowly...very slowly, we are making some progress with our girl.


If you need any assistance at all with a fearful dog or an aggressive dog, please reach out to Buddy's mom. Oh, and the seminars she holds are a wealth of great information. You will definitely learn something new."

~ Rhonda C.


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